My fellow Halo nerds (PC)

Forgive me if this is a stupid question. But instead of plugging the Xbox One into a tv, can you plug it into a monitor? The reason I ask is because I have the luxury of lots of down time at work and I’m able to play Xbox while there. I’d like to play on a 4K screen, so instead of lugging around a big tv back and forth to work, I was wondering if I could plug my Xbox straight to a 4K monitor.

Yeah you can use a monitor so long as it has an HDMI port and supports 4K. A lot of Xbox folks prefer a monitor for faster response time and cheaper price point.

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> Yeah you can use a monitor so long as it has an HDMI port and supports 4K. A lot of Xbox folks prefer a monitor for faster response time and cheaper price point.

Thank you! This is great news. I have a One X and I refuse to play on anything but a 4K screen, that’s why I bought the One X. I bought a 4K tv along with my One X and the picture different on X1XE games is astronomical. But I have yet to find a 4K tv that’s only approx 30” or smaller. That’s why I was wondering about monitors. Thanks!

Wow somebody’s got a dream job…

But back to the topic, of course you can! There are a few additional details you might want to pay attention to that I can think of, though:

  • Unlike TVs not all monitors feature built-in speakers, and for the ones that do, they may not reach the quality of their TV counter parts. So if the monitor you choose doesn’t have speakers, or you just want to use external speakers anyway, you might need extra cables/converters depending on your setup for the job. - While monitors generally offer lower latency than TVs, their display quality (brightness, colors etc.) can vary a lot and might be worser than TVs. If you’re so used to gaming on TVs you’d better go to local shops and check out monitors in person to decide how you like them. - X1X supports Freesync over HDMI (a technology that reduces screen tearing). Do be careful because most Freesync monitors (due to being PC-focused) only support Freesync over DisplayPort (DP), but the X1X doesn’t have DP. Now if such monitors also HDMI ports then they of course will work with your X1X, just without the Freesync feature. So if you want this this function, watch out whether the monitor supports Freesync over HDMI. In other words, not all Freesync monitors out there can deliver this feature to your X1X, so pay extra attention. - X1X also supports HDR output. To see HDR content, both your content (game/video.etc) and monitor must support HDR. HDR-enabled games (like Rise of the Tomb Raider) should tell you of this in their descriptions, and as for monitors, again I suggest you check out monitors in person and see what HDR level do you want. For example HDR400 monitors are cheaper than HDR600 and tned to look not as good thanks to the lower standard. - If you’re buying extra cables instead of using the one that comes with your X1X, make sure to buy HDMI 2.0 ones. Lower standards (HDMI 1.4) won’t give you 4K@60Hz output, and higher ones (HDMI 2.1) are more expensive and meant for PS5/XSX so they are overkill unless you want a future-proof cable.Summary: It’s best if you check out monitors in person (bring your console along and hook up with the shop’s sample units to see the results if possible). Even if you prefer to purchase online, you can always write down your ideal models after trying it in the shop and look for it online later. But of course these are special times, wear a mask if you choose to go out. Asking around in online forums for recommendations is also a good (and safer) choice.

Monitors are the preferred screen for a lot of comp players. If you play ranked matchmaking you ought to try it out!