My feedback to flight so far.


I really appreciate the opportunity to take part of this flight. I have been a huge halo fan since the beginning and have participated in previous beta’s. I think overall you have done a fantastic job with Halo infinite and I am very excited for its full release. I genuinely believe Halo infinite is lined up to be one of the best Halos yet. I understand it is very difficult to please all the community but I have put down some suggestions and positive feedback.

Major Suggestions:

<ul class=“ordered”> - Friendly fire damage should always be on. It is very halo and think it adds an element of caution in game. - Post-game screen needs the standard table showing everybody’s score similar to what you get when you view score in game as per previous halos. - Battle pass progression amount is great but I suggest replacing daily challenge (play x amount of games) with just 50-100xp per game finish - Time themed XP boosts. I really hate XP boosts that are time themed, especially when they can tick away while you’re looking at the menu. It also doesn’t make sense when you only seem to get XP when you end a game, so if your XP timer runs out mid game it doesn’t trigger. I would look at bonus XP for X number of games. - Ability to view challenges in game. - Drop wall seems fairly weak, only a couple shots to break it. Perhaps make it a couple shots tougher. - Plasma pistol should EMP vehicles. Maybe make it quicker to switch to other weapon because it does not seem to get any use at the moment. - Please also don’t make all armour customisation tied to buying with real money through store or battle pass.[/list]Positive feedback

<ul class=“ordered”> - All the maps so far are really well laid out, very intuitive and easy to get used to the layout, where weapons and items spawn etc. - Assault rifle feels in a very good place. Previous halo games often had me using pistol over it always, but it feels very viable. - Level of customisation is fantastic. Being able to mix and match all elements of armour is amazing. All the gear so far looks great as well. - I like that in team battles you can go into it with your own colour scheme and not be refined to red vs blue.(even though that is iconic) - Grappling hook is such a fantastic new element to Halo. I absolutely love the mobility and potential to master it. I think it’s great that it is a pickup equipment but very much look forward to the idea of a game type where everyone starts with one.[/list]Other comments:

<ul class=“ordered”> - Still not sure of use for Repulsor other than reflecting back a plasma shot which seems incredibly niche and no one is using plasma pistol. - It’s probably too late to suggest this but I miss assassination animations. They aren’t really relevant for gameplay purposes but it always felt good in halo reach, 4 and 5 to risk the extra time to assassinate with animation for 100% style points. - Colouration of medals seem somewhat dull in comparison to previous medals.[/list]I look forward to BTB next weekend.

Feedback on my feedback from my fellow Spartan in arms is welcome.