My feedback so far


  1. Poor weapon selection - 12 and lots feel the same. There were around 100 req/power weapons in H5 plus as many variations of the AR, BR, SMG etc.

  2. Is super fiesta staying (and please not party - husky raid is totally different), and is infection etc coming as a permanent playlist? The fiesta we have now as the event, feels lacking in weapon choice and counteractions (see point 1).

  3. Can we have reversible swaps - I earned a swap, then swapped, swap was 10x (well, actually 15x) harder, couldn’t swap back.

  4. Weapon drills are pure luck - completely depends on target positions - same skill can give double points depending on their position. For example rockets sometimes have 4 enemies together given 4x the damage, sometimes spaced out, same for ravager.

  5. At end of match when challenges screen with completed challenges are displayed. The completed challenges should still show the mission so you know what you completed - it does temporarily but then disappears and only says challenge completed. It should say challenge completed then the title and description of the challenge.


  1. Change clamber so is hold to clamber not push forward to clamber (jump button should do the clamber not forward thumbstick) - lots of missed clambers because system is weird! If this is for accessibility then have it as an option. This is bad with auto clamber on or off.

  2. No perfect star in kill feed - how are we supposed to show off!??

  3. Multikills should not show in kill feed until end of streak - teams go looking to end their streak - this shouldn’t be a thing!

  4. Should list everyone who assists on your kill screen not just one - there’s plenty of space and nice to know why you died in 3 milliseconds sometimes!

  5. Weak vehicles. And the red blow up thing should be a gradual event not all fine then red then dead within a second.

  6. Strongholds captured too quickly - teams not using tactics, just flying solo base to base and succeeding!

  7. That BTB battery collecting gametype thingy - why does round’s losing team’s batteries carry over to next round? This results in alternate winning rounds almost every time - it should reset at round start and any held (in players hands) batteries removed.

  8. Also BTB battery collecting gametype thingy - why does stealing take so long - no point in stealing, have to take around 3 hours to steal then cover the whole map, will never get it capped your end, can just take a closer one.

  9. Social single flag is worst game type I’ve ever seen.

  10. Weapons need balancing massively!

  11. Go back to diagram/picture of bullets/rockets/rounds not numbers - this gives more information - how many rounds can each magazine hold, how far through the mag we are etc.

  12. Vehicles spawning right at match end in btb, should be score as well as time based.

  13. BTB starting weapons are useless, I know it’s scavenger based but BR or at least an AR with a scope variation would improve things.


  1. Wrong team that you were on or “N/A” or wrong winning team shown top right corner post game scoreboard.

  2. You are often displayed as wrong team displayed in actual post game scoreboard with wrong colours and wrong team name.

  3. All players in random order in post game scoreboards (eg winner at bottom - completely random).

  4. Battlepass takes too long to be able to view after a game (loading wheel).

  5. Why do I have to wait for a 3 sec cool down after selecting a playlist for game to start before I look in menus/last scoreboard/battlepass and have a game continue searching in background.

  6. No way of bumpering/triggering through single player stats after match like H5 - there’s such little information anyway that it could all be shown for all players on one page. In fact the entire scoreboard for every game type could be one page without scrolling - just have the headers vertical or 45degrees.

  7. Quitters not high(low)lighted after match on scoreboard - how am I supposed to hunt these traitors down?

  8. Slow loading games and sent to a loading screen so can’t look at menus/last scoreboard/battlepass during that time.


Why are criticisms from this (your own) forum answered by Unyshek on Twitter and not here. This is your own forum. Twitter is the work of the devil. I don’t have a Twitter account. Answer me here or I’ll put you over me knee!

Will forge be free to ‘play’ also? And no Xbox live etc needed? I hope so! I don’t see why playing the game will be free and building content for you will be chargeable.

BUT anyway, well done so far, just tweak everything above and I’ll continue to let this game grow on me!

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