My feedback on Halo 4


The Campaign of Halo 4 was hands down amazing. The only thing 343 could’ve done better is maybe adding a mission with more emphasis on the Warthog. Also I was kinda missing the Halo Campaign feel in terms of the gameplay. Great work on the Prometheans, awesome enemies to fight against.

Spartan Ops

Even though Spartan Ops isn’t done yet I still feel that I need to give an huge thank you for it. I honestly don’t know which story I liked more so far, the with Chief or the one with the crew of Infinity. You guys did a phenomenal job of making killing those Covies and Prometheans, then going over there and pushing that button FUN.


Now we get to the part where all the feedback might not be positive, but constructive. When you take something away that has been like that for a long time you should be careful. I think we all know I’m talking about watching the films of gameplay in Campaign and I think in Spartan Ops, not sure if you can do that though. This is definitely something that we need back for the Campaign communities focused around Speed Runs and the Mythic difficulty. I really am expecting Theater 3.0 for Halo 5, didn’t expect it for Halo 4 but we can’t take steps backwards.

Custom Games

Seven words, Race, VIP, CTF options, Respawning options and Infection. Two of those are for Matchmaking and others are for minigames and sub-communities. A lot of people, particularly MLG, want Flag Dropping, the removal of Flagnum and the removal Instant Respawn in Slayer, as an option. Flood just doesn’t have enough customizability in it. Race and VIP aren’t in the game.


I do feel bad for having three negative points in a row, but I’d rather end on a high note. Precision was a big thing in Reach, it still is possible, but it takes some time to do. I like what you guys did with Dynamic Lighting, at least as an idea it was really ambitious, at the end the Xbox 360 just couldn’t handle it. Can’t really blame you guys for it since Forge World was really, really, REALLY close to the limit too. Magnets were a great thing too, but with some pieces they didn’t work properly. Just adding Locking and Duplication would’ve been enough.


Big Team gametype(s)

Big Team Slayer is the the third most fun I’ve had in Halo 4. Count Dominion in this, it’s big team enough. I think the biggest part of it is the maps, amazing map design, reminded me of the classic Halo maps in an extremely positive way. Also most, it not all, of the gameplay mechanics work well in 6v6 or 8v8. How about adding some objective gametypes in the mix though?


We need an FFA playlist that’s something else than just Regicide. Where’s Slayer? Oddball and KoTH we’re here in the form of a playlist already. As a suggestion, bringing back Rumble Pit would be one of the greatest things that could happen to Halo 4. Just Regicide, Slayer, Infinity Slayer, KoTH and Oddball, 6 players, small to medium maps. I have this opinion because I don’t like the fact that Regicide is basically Juggernaut, with the Juggernaut having no advantage at all, but instead a waypoint over his/her head. Rumble Pit, think about it!

Team Gametypes (4v4, 5v5)

I do understand that Infinity Slayer is new, but you have to make room for more Slayer gametypes. Again a playlist suggestion, Team Slayer, gametypes would be something like Team Infinity Slayer, Team Slayer and maybe Snipers if that doesn’t become a regular playlist, 4v4. Still, maybe with an emphasis on Infinity Slayer.
Flag is fun even if people don’t agree with not being able to drop the, the automatic pickup and the Flagnum. Same thing with KoTH. Oddball want through a major change with the ability to throw the Ball, again picking up the Ball might be better if it was done with the pressing of a button. Then again throwing the Ball to an enemy then killing him/her and picking the Ball back up is fun. Good job on keeping SWAT as a regular playlist, it certainly was the right choice!

Small to Medium sized Maps

I have to talk about this before I get on to the other stuff, the maps didn’t feel Halo enough on 4v4 and 5v5 games. Haven is too good compared to the others so it gets picked often.
Adrift is good with the exception of the chokepoints in Red Hall and Blue Hall (link for the callouts:
Abandon isn’t symmetrical enough or asymmetrical enough, which ever one you want. Also some of the spawns put you in the open too much.
Solace is good, but it isn’t just that good. I think a lot of it might have to do with the middle of the maps. Personally I would’ve liked to see a platform with the Incineration Cannon, intsead of the lift, more risk for the reward.
Complex is good enough for me, with the exception of the spawns between the Dirt Path and the Helipad (again, callout link: The Helipad side of the map needs more cover for spawning, but the spawn I just described is the worst one of all of them. I’m curious on how Complex might play in Big Team games.
The biggest point is that you missed the Halo feel on most of the maps, once you get that your fine.

Other Stuff

Be careful not to spread the community over tons of playlists, like what happened in Reach.
Great job on not having too many remakes, even if some maps are fun game after game.
The aesthetics are outstanding all around.
Good job so far with the playlists.
The weapon balance is well done, good players can do good with any weapon and DMR isn’t the god gun that some people claim it to be.

Now for the biggest thank you for the most fun I’ve had in Halo 4.
Thank you for the Community Forge Test playlist! It’s why I got back on Halo 4 the only reason I played matchmaking this morning. The maps that you picked are all too good to describe with words, so I expect all of them to be in the regular playlist when the test is done. Even if Garrotte might need some tweaking with the spawns and if Simplex might need to adopt some of your new gameplay mechanics.
I feel like right here I should thank again for the amazing Spartan Ops action you been giving us, the community.

Now if you want this feedback to reach 343, I’ll need your help. Please discuss your own positive or negative opinions on Halo 4, remember to be constructive with the criticism! My feedback is also up for discussion so if there is something that you don’t agree with in my feedback I’m willing to talk about it. Thanks!