I just wanted to give my feed back to you guys about halo 4


I believe that adding loadouts was a great move, and the great thing is that everyone can start on equal terms with different weapons and armor abilities.

The only weapons i have issues with are the dmr and boltshot. The dmr could use a reduction on its rate of fire or maybe the bloom could be changed to be the size of the snipers when some one attempts to shoot it without letting the bloom reset. The reticle on the boltshot does not have to fill up in order to fire a charged shot and the one shot kill range is greater than a shot guns. It should be close range so that it can be used when it is your last weapon.


Perks like stability mod ignore the mechanics that balance the game. Flinch, for example is a good choice over descope, do to the fact that everyone has access to precision based weapons, and the person who can move better and land their shots wins, but stability make someone not have to pay for not moving while scoped in.

Maybe make certain perks obtainable my achieving a certain level of a commendation
or a certain number of a specific medal that relates to the perk.

Many have been in situations where they were killed by the person they killed because they used instant spawned, but i think that it should only apply to suicides.