My Feedback for Halo Infinite

I’ll keep it brief…

Respawn Times: WAY too long. 6 second MINIMUM is the perfect amount of time to Respawn across ALL Game Modes. Anything longer then that just gives the enemy team more time to secure the objective, we need to get back into the fight sooner for the objective so 6 Seconds is perfect.

Power Weapons: Some Power Weapons are NOT strong enough. The Gravity Hammer is a two hit melee and it needs to be a 1 hit, it taken me two hits at point blank range to kill someone, unacceptable, it needs to be a 1 hit pony. Same with the Sword, it’s taken me 2 hits to kill someone. The Objectives need to be a 1 hit melee across the board. It should not take 2 melees to kill someone with the Odd, that is just stupid, it’s a 1 hit pony in the MCC, why not in Infinite?

Sprinting: Sprinting needs to be faster then the actual walking, I think the Sprinting is way to slow and needs to be adjusted a bit.

Progression: well, the Progression has already been addressed so I won’t beat this dead horse anymore. But it does need Addressed cause you have SO many examples liks Apex Legends on how a BP and Progression System needs to be and the speed at which you gain levels. As of right now, I can get 10 Levels in the Apex BP in HALF the time it takes to gain ONE level in Infinite. Apex Legenda is a good example on how fast a progression system should be. Hell, people in Destiny can gain 20 levels in half the time it takes to gain one level in Infinite. Hell, even the MCC progression was better then this one. Idk how you at 343 could make such great progress with past progression systems only to regress HARD on Infinite. It just does not look good.

The Time To Kill: The TTK Is as I’ve said in previous posts, it is WAY too high. Just to break a shield with the BR, (yes I’m hitting all my shots) it takes like 6 body shots and 1 headshot to kill someone, that is not fun. The TTK needs to be brought down significantly so that the BR is 4 body shots and 1 headshot to kill someone. It takes almost a while mag with the AR to kill someone, it just awful and needs addressed.

Campaign Progression: According to Leaks and Data Mines, it’s been shown that you get NOTHING for progressing through the campaign, you get no customization unlocks playing through the Campaign and I think that is unacceptable. One thing I liked about Halo Reach, you got progression progress through EVERYTHING you do, from campaign, to Firefight, to MP, you could do any activity you want and still progress through the level. In the MCC, you got points for playing everything to spend it on the cosmetic Items in the BP. We need something for our time in other areas of the Game and give the Campaign more replayability.

The Store: the Store is way to overpriced, things should not be this expensive. $10 bucks minimum should be the cost of a bundle and depending on how much is in the bundle, then I can see the justification for $20 bucks. Eververse was over priced (still is) this store in infinite is overpriced, Apex is overpriced as well, you need to set a new precedence and have affordable pricing. The cheaper things are, the MORE people will buy from you, this is called competition. If you make the items in your store cheaper then Apex and Destiny’s Eververse, then they will compete and the market will be better for it. You’ve already set a precedence for how a BP should be via always being purchaseable after the Season is over and I hope Apex, Destiny, Fortnite etc. follow suit. But your precedence will mean nothing if you don’t address the slow and sluggish progression system, and other Devs won’t follow the new trend of an Endless BP system and the elimination of FOMO.

FOMO: you stated in multiple places that you would not engage in FOMO, yet you broke that promise with having Events that expire and it doesn’t help that the progression is slow and challenges for this Event is hurried under challenges unrelated to the event just to get to the event challenges. Limited Time Events would be fine if you followed Apex Legend’s system. They have Event Challenges separated from the regular Challenge for the regular BP. And if you’re concerned about people completing the challenges too quickly and progressing through the BP for the event too fast, then do what Apex Legends does, where they cap you at a certain XP amount per DAY. So if I complete all my challenges one night in Apex, I’m capped out from gaining XP after you’ve capped out on challenges for that day until the next day. Don’t break your promises you’ve made and give us trust issues like Carth Onassi on KOTOR.

At this current state, this MP is not fun (at least for me) and I want this to be fun for me. I apology for the long post, but this needed to be brought to light. You’re making mistakes you should have learned from from both your past 343 but also from those of your competitors via Respawn, Epic, etc. and I want your to learn from these mistakes and not make them which you currently are. I hope some of this changes at full release, but I doubt it. “Betas” don’t mean what they used to mean this day and age, they are glorified Demos now, not a beta.