My feedback and Killcam

I’ve questioned a lot of my deaths in this game, especially ones in a 1v1 battle that I felt my shots were all spot on. With the new killcam put into the game I found out the reason for my confusion but don’t get why. The opposing player, with a DMR of course because the Battle Rifle is a 5 shot nerf gun in this game , but anyway… the opposing player misses all of his shot but one and I get killed. Literally the other guy is aiming all over the place with no shot hitting me acording to the killcam and I’m assuming his/her screen as well.

What is up with this? I loved the multiplayer at launch but with progression a lot of bugs and unfinished things are stating to surface and I haven’t had much fun playing the past few days. I hope this changes and the Battle Rifle gets put back on top over the noob friendly DMR. The killcam goes to show that lag and framerate are letting opposing players with not as mush skill get an easy kill on me.

I could go on and on about how much I hate the fact there is no 1-50 skills even though i know it’s coming in January. Respawns need fixed as well being able to respawn right after death is pointless. It causes players to run around like CoD with no team work and die, not caring because they get to respawn right away and run after the guy whole killed them. Bring back halo spawns! Complex isn’t a bad map but spawn us in the buildings no out in the open to get gunned down again right away please!

Joining games in progress is a -Yoink-! and one more thing I know I’m all over the place with this post but please add an MLG playlist with forged maps and in-game maps. It is needed for the old school Halo fans to have prmethean vision, jetpack, oversheild, camo, all pick-ups on the map. We need close quarters battles to prove skill and throw away all the ghosts! -Yoink!- EVERY MAP HAS 10 GHOSTS! And if I hadn’t mentione spawning enough, the ghosts respawn so quickly! There just irritating.

I don’t hate the game just frustrated with it’a little flaws that they carried over from reach. Let me hear your thoughts and feedback :slight_smile:

Killcams are just reflecting the lag… They are not very attendible