My feedback after giving infinite a more thorough test

So I made a post where the nostalgia got the best of me and due to struggling and not having time to relearn modern mechanics I praised my love for Halo 3 and how they nail it. Im giving a much longer test this time round and I’ve come into my own and starting to really enjoy Halo Infinites core gameplay. However here are my feedback thoughts:

Footstep audio is severely lacking, especially with no radar. I cant hear anyone until theyre right next to me by which point i’ve been pummeled. I can turn for a split second and someone has managed to get behind me with ease.

I’ve tried audio settings, I’ve tried different headphones, my steelseries being the best of the bunch and still to no avail. People can walk right up to me from behind and I cant hear jack.

Needler: Severely overpowered and with limited movement compared to Halo 5 you may aswell just stand still and take it.

AR: I’ve been crossmap killed with the AR far to many times it should be a get off me weapon. Nerf.

The pulse rifle: is the absolute most pointless weapon in the game, fire rate is horribly slow and rarely ever lands, just remove it, increase the fire rate, or bring back the carbine.

Other than these things, the core gameplay is solid. The other weapons work as I’d like but could do with a slight decrease overall in damage dealt. Theres rarely any chance for clutch plays anymore the TTK is ridiculously fast.

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