My Fear Of Warzone

So earlier, Unyshek (r/Halo mod, Youtuber) uploaded a video which shows a full game of Warzone.
So it seems these ‘Requisition Points’ are an energy based reward system that gives a player points after a certain objective has been completed, such as killing someone or capturing one of the three bases to blow up the core. These Req Points go all the way up to 9, where you can get any weapon, powerup and vehicle in the game.
Now, most vets of the Halo franchise know that teams of 8 are commonplace in BTB, and since H5G has now bumped the player cap up to 12, I expect to be seeing teams of 12 players in one lobby, all of which have mics most of the time. Because of this, if the teams of 12 consist of players that know what they’re doing, I hope 343i has realised that there’s the possibility of having all 12 players on one team having Phaetons/Banshees/Mantises/Rockets/Hydras/Plasma Casters/Snipers everywhere.
My one -Yoink- about watching the video was that the Req Points go up WAY too fast, as if the rockets were being given out on a boxing day sale.

343, my one thing I wish to change about Warzone, lower the time it takes to get the heavier stuff.

12 players but only 8 will be able in party chat? :confused:

(no game chat on xbox one is awful :wink:

Even then dude, 8 good/veteran players will completely wreck house ,because they will be able take off some of the offensive pressure off of the other 4 average players which will probably encourage the 4 other players to do better. Hard concept for me to explain, but hopefully you get the picture! :stuck_out_tongue:

that actually makes sense. I love btb and you are right about the heavy weapons and vehicles. But I have faith in it
hope its good