My favorite memories of Reach

Here are my favorite memories about Halo Reach

  1. You knew how it was going end with covenant killing everyone and glassing the planet
    2 . invasion
    3.Armor customization was the best you could customize from your visor to your knees, shoulders,Torso and your helmet could even have attachments. My 3 favorite Helmets were the CQC, Grenadier with The attachment ,and the Military Police my favorite chest piece the tactical LRP
    4 The Unsc showed all four of their military branches at work the Army was on the ground along with the Unsc Marines fighting covenant foot soldiers, the navy was fighting off covenant ships in space ,the air force was battling it out in sabres and falcons In the sky’s of reach
    5.Really loved the multiplayer because it felt real military because of the assault rifle sounds to the dmr shots, and explosions
    6.Flying Unsc vehicles Rip Falcon
    7.forge world
    These are my favorite memories of Reach What’s yours comment below

The First Saturday night after release. I drove 2 hours to my buddies place to meet him, his brother and his house mate. We had 3 42" TVs and 1 32" TV set up in his living room with our 360s all hooked up. Four extra large pizzas and 2 slurpee runs later we finished the legendary campaign in one night. Did the same thing for 4 and 5 except 5 was done half over Live because we’re a bit more spread out across the country now, but I did make the 2 hour drive to my buddies place again. The night was a little harder since we’re in our 30s now with wives and 1 kid each, but it will always be worth it.

You literally summarized halo reach

I found the ending in Halo Reach to be the best ending in a video game!

i liked its forge and customization. the grind for inheritor and max commendations was also fun. also its banshee :stuck_out_tongue:
its matchmaking was the worst in the franchise had a terrible campaign. its introduction of armor abilities killed competitive halo and a huge portion of the population

I never made it to inheritor took too long

The Armor abilities were the best especially the jet pack

Becoming #1 in the world for Spartan Laser kills in the Anniversary BTB playlist, according to HaloTracker was a big moment for myself when I played this game.

mine was the last bungie day because of the way everybody in my lobby was having fun in customs and talking about thier first halo in case if you want to know mine was halo 2 on the og xbox. man good times.

Falcon and the Grenade launcher. I loved having the chain gun turret on the Falcon its like a mini pelican. Plus like that you can sit in the passenger seats in Campaign and the Grenade launcher turrets. And Forge World.

I feel reach isn’t that old but then i think it was 6 years ago