My experience with Warzone Farming

Me and my company were playing with an 11 man team the other day, and had just gotten out of a 1000-60 stomping of the other team. We ran through, capped both armories on ARC, and then REQ’d their core with an 8 Ultra Ghost zerg-rush. Short and simple.

Then we had our next game. We were the ones getting REQ’d. Got pushed back into our core, and then… nothing. For like 2 minutes. We realized what was happening, so we ran and hid in our base, or got out in ghosts and hid around the map. And then someone finally came in and killed our core around 400-80. When we got out, it wasn’t a full team of the Farming companies, but a hodge-podge of two of them making up 6 players and 5 players from each. That one man saved us from annihilation. Kind of. We still lost pretty badly, but you get the point.

You can take an educated guess at which of the companies I’m talking about. There are only like 6 or 7 companies that have the Achilles armor. These ones had them.

Main point of this post: The Achilles farming companies are banning together to farm. You have been warned.

Seems very logical and very sad.

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> Seems very logical and very sad.

It just sucks now playing with a big group. It’s either WZA and 50/50 get glitched, or WZ and 30/70 get farmed. Not great numbers.

Yeah. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t happened more especially with all the sister Achilles companies.

I haven’t been farmed in a while. Probably because I don’t play warzone much anymore, because of farming. So eventually the farmers will have to farm other farmers, because we are all leaving.