My Experience so far + Feedback for 343

Lets first start this topic off with a disclaimer. There are no spoilers. Also this will not be a post about how bad or how good the game is, more so my experience thus far, so please if your going to just stir up negativity please go elsewhere :slight_smile:

So far I have put in over 200 hours easily into this game via multiplayer and campaign, so far I have been having a blast. I am 30 years old and have been a halo fan from the get go, all the way back when I had to trick my mom into buying me a rated mature game for my birthday (Halo CE) So putting 200 hours into this game so far and me wanting to continue playing it is a huge success as a game considering I’ve already put more than double of what I put into Halo 4 or 5 (Not bad games, just wasn’t my style)

Positive takes:
First I want to start off with how the game genuinely feels like the old style of combat but with a refreshing twist to a ton of new weapons and gadgets. The way halo 4 or 5 was going with the power ups felt like a different game, yet infinite feels like a power up is just another weapon you would have to pick up off the ground and I apricate the map control aspect of that. As a whole for the most part the way multiplayer feels is just solid with a few desync hiccups but not enough for me to complain.
Moving onto the campaign though… WOW is all I can say. I haven’t felt that immersed into a single player game in a long time. I have my grips with no coop but that was previously announced so I cant get butt hurt over that. With no coop, I decided to challenge myself though and did a legendary run the first time playing thru. If you haven’t played the campaign yet I recommend doing this if you want a challenge. It was pretty rough, I caught myself a few times getting really stuck but having to problem solve to get past a certain spot, but never got frustrated. I ended up beating it and am now working on a LASO (Legendary All Skulls On) run and its even crazier as to be expected. I don’t have many more positives as most of the game in my opinion is positive.
Right now I like the UI on how you customize your armor, it feels a little more immersive than previous games. I also do like the different armor cores but I will get into some of the dislikes at the same time about the armor cores further in this post. I tend to be a collector in most games I play so I have been having fun trying to collect all the free things each week.

Negative takes:
I don’t have to many gripes about the multiplayer. If there was any would be more styles of games (which I now see are coming) and some bugs such as not putting me in a team with the people I que with.
We need armor rewards, its a core aspect of halo. Especially because this is the part of the game that costs money. Its a bit insulting that we don’t get anything different from the people who play the game completely free but people who buy stuff from the shop do. Also, We need replayability ASAP on the campaign missions. I really don’t wanna run a campaign on easy to pick up the few audio logs i missed.
So if there is one thing I really am agitated about in this game its the lack of battle pass creativity., I don’t mind the armor, but the colors are all very dule or reused. Earlier on I talked about armor cores. I do love the idea of armor cores but I think colors for the armor should be account wide across all armors or at least more of them (something like the free red white and blue HCS one) I paid for the battle pass and there is really no colors outside of the ones it comes with from the shop or campaign. I really hope to see more colors across all armor cores in the future.

Final Thoughts for 343
Thank you for reviving the halo series for us, I arguably think that the halo series was dying for a little there and this game really saved the day! With that being said and I know you guys have already listened to the gamers but continue doing that. Maybe make the store not the only way to get some of the cooler unlockables. And please please add more colors for the Mark V (B)

Thank you all for reading this. Again this is just my opinion and everyone has one so please keep the comments tame!