My every issue with the multiplayer

Hi, everyone

Stopped here to throw my two cents on the current issues with the multiplayer, to join other players’ voices, so to speak.
I like the game a lot, but aside from the core game, there are many problems that I hope to be addressed sooner rather than later.


I’m not a person who needs additional incentives to play multiplayer other than the game being fun and I don’t really care about cosmetics either so all those problems do not directly affect me
(I bought the BP though to get a sense of what everyone is talking about).

However, even I could see a ton of problems with the current system.

Some time ago the devs said that they don’t want battle pass to feel like a second job and here they are giving us a list of tasks to accomplish each week.

Challenge progression could be fine if the list for a whole season is open and you don’t have to do them in any specific order (like sea of thieves).

It also could be tolerable if the whole battle pass is free and you have 1 challenge swap each day.

As it stands right now you sometimes won’t be able to progress with the challenges if you only play ranked, or quick play, or if you didn’t get lucky to play the specific mode.

Even if you do grind them the cadence of unlocking new levels is too slow, and keeping players regularly rewarded is the key point of battle pass, isn’t it?

If the season is 6 months there should’ve been more levels with faster progression.


I get that this is a free game, but the default customization is too barebones and the amount and quality of free stuff you get from the pass is ridiculous.
The “legendary” buckler that you get from reaching LVL 100 is a slap in the face, honestly.

I know, Halo 5 cost 60$ at launch, so it isn’t a like-for-like comparison, but bronze req packs were super easy to unlock and there were tons of decent cosmetics in them.


I thought Halo of all the franchises could afford to have specialized playlists at launch. Hope it would be the case. I like the objective, but I don’t like all of the modes, so at the
very least I would like an option to exclude 1 mode from rotation.
I absolutely hate CTF in BTB and don’t like strongholds in quick play.


Thankfully there seems to be some sort of SBMM in quick play, so it is possible to play against the PC players but I would still like to opt-out of cross-play unless I play in a party with my friends on PC.
Again, I thought that Halo could afford it - I could still find matches in Halo 5 that’s 6 years old and Xbox only.

Same for 3-4 players squads in ranked - it seems to force you into crossplay sessions. I don’t get it.


There are too many transitions with half of the screen always empty of any content. I would prefer to be able to get to things quicker than having some piece of art more visible.

Helmet attachments are hard to find as they are placed in contradiction with the logic for other armor pieces.

Match search cancels if you press any button until the initial countdown passes. Super annoying!!!

Information tab in the menus on PC opens in notepad, seriously?!

The whole interface is console first and doesn’t have thinks clickable there they should be on PC - like you can’t select the specific page on game mode list, you have to click “next page” button)


After quick resume the game takes too long to reconnect to the servers and matchmaking often doesn’t start properly still. It’s faster and more reliable to reboot the game.


I always play the Eng version, but my friend who plays the Russian one complained so hard that I had to install it to see for myself.

  • The font isn’t sized properly, so a lot of the text doesn’t fit, and then it spans multiple lines they put the line breaks mid-word in very weird places.

  • Season duration is posted twice on the battle pass page.

  • Free items on the battle pass are translated with the meaning freedom.

It would be too much text to point all the errors here, but the general impression is that the game was translated with a Bing translator with zero input from QA.

I thought that Microsoft as a trillion-dollar company could afford to hire actual professionals to do this kind of work, but apparently, I was wrong.

They really said that? They definitely need to revisit the weekly challenges then. Some are completely unreasonable.

It is literally here, on waypoint
Forum did’t allow me to post the proper link, but it’s in the news section as /en-us/news/inside-infinite-june-2021

Chris Blohm: “There’s one note from Ryan in regard to Seasons that I’d like to jump in on. We want players to have cool content, activities, events, and rewards over the course of the season, but we do not want to demand that players play a ton of hours every week of the season to complete everything. We want players having fun in Halo, not grind it like it’s a job.”


Example of challenges they need to change is anything to do with electrical link kills. The probability of there being 2 people stood next to each other with exactly low enough health that the chain will kill the linked player is so stupidly low that it verges on impossible. What annoys me even more is I got slapped with the challenge AFTER a challenge swap from getting flatten kills with the repulsor.

Thanks, I’m going to quote that on another post I just made about how time-demanding the weekly challenges are.

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