My entire feedback from start to end of beta(units

This is going to be my personal feedback of what I’ve encountered when playing this game for the entire beta. I’m finished with it this morning as I’m tired of encountering the same tactics over, and over, and over again.

What I feel needs to be buffed,


1.) The Locus. It seems very, very weak at the moment, and cant compete against UNSC artillery. Not only is it weak in damage, but seems to get destroyed almost instantly by any unit firing at it. Even when you stock pile locus, it still is very weak. For example, 4 UNSC artillery takes around 1-2 minutes to destroy a firebase. Where it takes the same amount of time for 15 fully upgraded Locus. Trust me 1 match I spammed 20 of them and I felt like a decade to destroy a base. Not only is it weak compared to the UNSC artillery, but the UNSC artillery has area damage.

Simply buff the damage, and give it more health.

2.) The Wraith: Again compared to the UNSC scorpian, or even the upgraded Warthog, it fails every time. Its great for taking damage, but fails at dealing damage. I suggest buffing its damage, or giving it an ability to ram.

3.) Elite sharpshooters: When you compare these to Snipers, they are -Yoinking!- terrible. They have less range, less eye sight, way less damage, less health, slower, and cant go invisable. They are a unit you should never bring to combat. I paired 5 of these fully upgraded against 2 regular covie infantry, and they flattened. They are such a bad unit that suicide grunts, can kill them without blowing up. They are the worst unit in the game.

I suggest giving them the same invisable trait as the UNSC, and increase their damage significantly.

4.) Heros: In this case, I will speak for both sides, are both heros are equally worthless. They both are good for soaking damage, but against don’t deal any damage what so ever. They are so bad, that most games I forget to even bring them. They are a worthless, very expensive unit to have. You easily pay over 2,000 supplies just in upgrades, and another 500 just to have the unit, for them to sit pretty in your army, and accomplish nothing.

I suggest buffing their damage, and giving them multiable abilities to choose from when upgrading them.

5.) Suicide grunts. I’ve played with these guys for a little bit, and the price they cost, and what they do is not worth spending precious resources on. They are a throw away unit, that cant be used in combat or else they explode dealling damage to your units, and when you send them to attack a building and blow themselves up, they do so little damage it makes you wonder, why are they in the game.

Suggest, decrease their chances of exploding in combat, lower their cost, and increase their damage dealt to buildings.

----Buffs for UNSC—

  1. Jackrabbit: Simply, cost too much to be a non-combat scout.
    Suggest: Priced reduced from 190 to 140.

2.) Scorpian: I never spawn this unit, just like the wraith it deals really no damage, and gets easily rolled by other units. It takes too long to get, takes up alot of population, and costs alot.

Simply, buff the damage, and make it strong vs. vehicles and infantry.

Now for the nerfs.

Lets start with the elephant in the room,

Infantry, mainly talking about UNSC infantry.

UNSC Marines: Crazy overpowered, you get them from the start and they roll essencially everything in the game.
They need a damage nerf for sure, and maybe a health nerf.

SNIPERS: There is simply no counter to this unit at all. They have insane range, insane damage to deal 1/3 of enemy health when fully upgraded, and are invisable. If you bring just 10 of these to a battle, theywill decemate all units. Essencially 1 shotting any unit. They are very overpowered.
I dont suggest nerfing their damage, but put a damn max on them. A max of 2 per player like how we see in star craft, and make them way more expensive.

Flamethrower Units: It seems now spamming and rushing these guys have become the norm. They are devistating to buildings and infantry, and are tanky as -Yoink-.

Nerf their health, and make them more expensive.

Jetpack Troops: Just like with the UNSC flame troops, its become the norm for covie players to spam and rush with jetpack hammer troops. Their health is rediculous, making them unkillable when fully upgraded.

Nerf their health.

LOL, the snipers are areally OP, it’s awesome.

I love putting 3 of them in the sniper towers around my 2nd base or the enemies second base, and watch them one shot infantry as they role out LOL.

> 2533274792828186;2:
> LOL, the snipers are areally OP, it’s awesome.
> I love putting 3 of them in the sniper towers around my 2nd base or the enemies second base, and watch them one shot infantry as they role out LOL.

I bring 2 or 3 5 minutes after match starts and take all the power strobes away from them other team easily. A few matches my opponants raged after see they couldnt get past my snipers.