My E N T I R E challenge list is filled up with Last Spartan Standing exclusive challenges

And I am still not going to play that garbage game mode. For the love of god stop with this torture 343. It’s not going to work. Just give me the real challenges tomorrow don’t let this go on for another week. I don’t even have anything left to get from the event either so just stop with these.


Time to start playing LSS to clear them out?


It’s an event.

Not all events will appeal to everyone.

Lucky you have less than 24 hours until you get all new challenges.


Time ti make event challenges a separate list.


I dunno if that’s the solution,. The overall challenge system is pretty rough as it is, expanding the challenge queue would be simpler and cover more bases. It’s not difficult to just do them if they’re the only block.


That’s a horrible mentality to have for these events - if a part of the fun of the game for you is unlocking armor and getting stuff from the Pass you purchased, being railroaded into a game mode you don’t like because of an Event you don’t want to participate is going to result in a situation like the above. Worse than that, it’s going to result in situations where people stop playing out of frustration.


That’s nice. Just don’t do them if you don’t want too…

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“Horrible” is a bit extreme. I agree it’s not ideal. But it’s a way better alternative then getting hung up on a game type you obviously dislike.

And the situation we’re talking about is having a bit less time out of the 6 months you have to finish your battle pass.

Again, not ideal. But let the fans of FFA, Attrition, and Elimination type games have their moment in the Sun.

Wasn’t my cup of tea. But I tried it. Warmed to it a bit. Easily clipped off my 10 event items. And have simply not played it for the last few days. I too have a full card of LSS challenges. They can wait.

At some stage there will be Infection. I really don’t like that. Mostly it’s just a race to a glitchy part of the map and plumping your K/D on hapless zombies. But I’ll ride out the event graciously.

You’d hope not. Instead I’d like to think they could pass the time playing actual game types they like. You know, keep playing out of fun.

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I’m not a fan of the mode myself. I just stopped logging in after the event pass was completed.

I had 2 Cutting their Teeth Challenges pop up while I was doing a Cutting their Teeth Challenge

Always scan your challenge list ahead. That way you can group them together and tick them all off at the same time.

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Not gonna’ lie, since that’s all you have left, you can pound them out really easily.

During an Event, there will always be a big amount of Event-mode specific challenges. That is nothing new or surprising.
Just another one of the big mistakes we saw with this “progression” system from the very start.

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If you’re not interested in the event or the weekly just do your dailies in any mode you like and check back next week.

If you are interested in the event or weekly, than congrats, you’re getting some bonus xp for participating.

I know it’s not the best system in the industry, but it ain’t a bad deal.

As an aside, filling up my challenge que with LSS challenges was exactly how I burned thru em. Especially since most of the were ‘Complete X gamesof LSS.’

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easy solution, be able to select which 4 challenges you want to actively be working on.


This is a partial solution but it would be a massive benefit until the challenge system is reworked more substantially

Event challenges should be separate from battle pass challenges… Not to mention each playlist should have challenges to progress in the pass so you can play what you want to progress.

I simply decided on the better solution of not playing Infinite altogether. Right now, players of Infinite are either in one of two camps:

  1. Desire Progression, but the progression system is so bad and frustrating that they just play for fun or go back to MCC. Not to mention no progression after BP/Events are cleared.

  2. Desire Progression, and they are masochists, win win.

Simply put, Infinite is just not a well thought of game. Its systems are in shambles and yet 343 isn’t even making it a priority to get all these fixed or improved after half a year. Infinite is a failed game.


Did we get any info on the removal of the challenge system wholesale so halo can be fun again or is it still radio silence? I dont have enough faith to watch the streams anymore its just a laundry list of mismanagent and fake enthusiasm.