My e-mail isn't tied to the right XBL account

Well, I tried signing in with my e-mail to access Halo Waypoint, but it links me to this account called “TyLeR BESTROYER” when my real account is “xXx360Quixcopes” (name is a joke.) I’ve typed in the address several times so I know I’m not screwing it up. Can I get my e-mail address tethered to the correct XBL account without having to pay to change it, or anything like that? Any help is greatly appreciated.

On a side note, the profile I shouldn’t be using, but currently am (TyLeR BESTROYER) has never played Halo:Reach. Oddly enough, it uses my name IRL, although it may just be coincidence.

So you are logging in to the e-mail that is linked to the xXx360Quixcopes account on Xbox LIVE and you were put on TyLeR BESTROYER?