My Developing Issue with Warzone

To cover my bases first before i get people telling me how to play. Ive been on xbox live playing Halo and fps’s for 10+ years. Ive been playing Halo since 1. I have always been a strong objective orient player. Being a Double 30 (btb and slayer) in Halo 2, to a level 50 in slayer in Halo 3, i understand how to work with teams and solo with random players. in CoD games like blops1and2 i have 2 k/ds with sometimes double digit w/l and huge winstreaks (im why there is no sabo in blops2). in Halo 5 im a level 51 playing Warzone only (waiting for btb) with a 2.3 k/d from playing the objective with 200+ games played. Now that is pretty obvious that I both have the experience and skill to know what im talking about. I simply want the most fair/balanced gametype possible.

I originally had a problem with the Warden Eternal early on, since most warzone games would progress like this. We’d spawn, capture our armories, fight over the spire, kill our sides lesser bosses, the big bosses were largely ignored but usually each team killed 1, keeping the game’s relatively even. The Majority of each team would simply try to capture and defend bases, playing Warzone as if it were CoD’s Domination or BF’s Conquest. In both of those games, holding two points would ensure victory. The warden would usually either reward holding the middle or throw a wrench into the plans of the winning teams. but it added a level of randomness which felt unrewarding. Yeah its great if your team is losing the entire match and somehow comes away with the kill, but to the team Locking down most of the map, it feels like the game has been robbed. ive been on both sides of that, Winning or losing by 100 points, then suddenly having the kill taken or Sniping the warden stealing the kill for my team. It was both unrewarding if i lost and kind of unrewarding to win via the warden, since one thing Halo 5 does excellently is gunfights. The hit detection is generally spot on and the weapons feel great. Its like having a shooting competition then the victor is decided by a coin toss. Two teams going head to head almost evenly the whole time and 1 enemy can eliminate any progress you made.

That was until I turned all of my focus away from what i enjoyed doing (capturing bases and killing players) and started killing bosses. Convinced that perhaps the gametype was a bit deceiving in what the actual goal was after randomly joining a team that only killed bosses and won by 500 points and losing to another without any hope of victory, from a team that could barely hold a single base but camped tunnels with ghosts, railguns, and lasers popping out to only kill bosses. Currently 2-3 people from a team going after bosses can completely flips the efforts of 12. So if you find yourself facing a team that isnt going for bosses, you can easily pull head with a 400 point lead. With the right couple of people waiting for the bosses to spawn, the Wardens points are be completely insignificant. He will spawn when you already have 970 points… winning with a 500 point lead or greater.

But as ive started to notice, that advantage isnt going to last long, as more people camp bosses waiting to steal their points.

Originally I thought the warden was a cheesy addition since the kill shot took all the points, but the same goes for all of the legendary bosses. Their points are enormous compared to points gain from holding bases or killing lesser enemies. If both teams are shooting trying to take the kill hiding behind rocks with railguns, lasers, and sniper rifles the effort becomes entirely random.
In the game that clips was taken, we killed both stealth elites, both ultra elites, im pretty sure both ghosts, and at least 1 banshee. For most of the game it was a fight for two bases, tho we held 2 for while. However the enemy teamed either snuck in the last bit of damage on Hestro* and killed the other high level bosses before my team could get close (they were camped out with plasma pistols). It became clear that Warzone is essentially a race from 1 spawn point to the next in an attempt to kill the boss before the other team or steal it from under them. Bases are largely irrelevant.

Part of what makes them irrelevant is that they dont contribute much to your teams score, and unless you have a smart group of players willing to push in, you will be faced with an entire team spawning on you every 8 seconds waiting to contest the capture with fresh grenades, if the marine dont hose you down first.

since it doesnt always go this smoothly

And even if your manages to capture all 3, again youre going to have some trouble with even more base marines and a single spawn point for an entire team for spawn on… hope you have enough points for a fuel rod and active camo, if you are lucky enough to have them at all.
Though while you are doing this, its still very easy to have a few stragglers to sneak out and while your team is wasting time attempting to get the core, they can take a few boss kills. Many times ive escaped the main base using a mongoose then captured the enemy’s first armory, resetting their plans.

tl;dr warzone = kill bosses / get the last shot in = win = eventual randomness as that becomes the primary objective of players.

The solution i have been proposing and believe more strongly than ever,
Id really like to see a Seperate Warzone Mode without Bosses. (im aware there is Assault, but thats just grenade toss simulator…)
(altho i wouldnt want to split the population)
[prefered] A Rebalancing of Points to make Bases more valuable and Bosses less valuable (for supplementary points not the primary source).
(since if it hasnt become clear already, bosses alone can determine victory, and boss kills can be random, and random isnt rewarding/competitive/good gameplay.)

Halo 5’s gunplay is great, that is where the majority of the fun is (for me). Throwing Bossing in which determine who wins takes away from the fun of gunfights. Which does a disservice to the gamemode. It would be like playing Forza trying to have fun testing your driving skills against another player, but the game allows the person in second place to randomly get blue shells from mario kart to hit you with around each critical turn, causing you to lose. if you wanted to play mariokart you would, but thats not why your are playing forza.

Its fun fighting players for control of bases
its not fun chasing boss spawns of bullet sponges rewarding the last bullet.

I hope my point is clear enough.

I agree. That exchange of randomness is worth 150 spartan kills. Kills and bases play back seat to spamming power weapons from across the map to kill a boss. I have won plenty of games I didn’t deserve to win simply because I had a railgun at the right place at the right time.

game i was just in

i joined randomly. i spent the entire game spawning and going after bosses.
If we got Lochagos we would have won. But based on their kills, we should never have had a chance. They were a team of strong players going against 1 strong player on a mission to find bosses, with a team of randoms. All i did was tell my randoms where and when bosses were going to spawn and when to pull out a rail gun and how to kill hunters (two people on either side behind boxes taking turn to make the hunters turn their backs). After we killed the Warden we were 100+ points ahead. Lucky for them, my team wasnt very good at defending a single armory, opting instead for spawning Wraiths… firing at the walls as they captured it… else we would have coasted to victory holding a single base.