My Customization Wish-list for Halo Infinite!

#1: Customization: Spartans: Helmet, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder, Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Wrist, Right Wrist, Torso, Left Leg, Right Leg, Leg Gear, Torso Gear, Customizable-Voice (10 options for each gender), Armor Patterns, Emblems (shoulder, torso).
#2: Customization: Elites: Helmet, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder, Left Arm, Right Arm, Torso, Left Leg, Right Leg, Customizable-Voice (5 options), Armor Patterns, Emblems (shoulder, torso).
#3: No Anti-Player Assassinations: Grunt, Jackal, Elite(AI), Hunter, Brute, Promethean’s.
#4: Spartan Sets: MK IV Gen 3(unlocked in Mission#1 Legendary), MK V Gen 3(unlocked in Mission#2 Legendary), MK VI Gen 3(Complete story on Legendary), MK V (B) Gen 3(Complete Mission#3 Legendary), Recon Gen 3(do somthin’ cool), CQB Gen 3(unlocked on Mission#4 Normal), The New Red toy Spartan(Recruit), MK VI Gen 2(Get 15 kills in a ghost in one round), MK VI Gen 1(Win 117 Rounds), MK IV Gen 1(halo wars)(Win 92 Rounds), Somethin’ new, Somethin’ new, Somethin’ new, YOU GUESSED IT! Somethin’ NEW.
#5: Elite Sets: New Minor, New Officer(reach level 10(heh heh ged it)), New Spec-Ops(reach level 15), New Captain(reach level 30), New Zealot(reach level 50), New Commander(reach level 60), New Ship Master(you decide), New Fleet Commander(you decide), New Honor Guard(you decide), Halo 2 Anniversary(Kill 30 Spartan’s as an Elite).

These would all be cool additions to see. Maybe there could be an option for further customize emblems and place it on the spartan-elite model in a unique way. And while I am not sure if this would happen, custom hud designs could be a neat new feature as well. Battle damage modifiers in a color section and a more refined list of visors (and armor in general) would be nice to see. I thought Halo 5 had some unique armors, but perhaps Infinite could pull favorites across all Halo games as a starting point and then add a refined list of new armors. The idea of skins on the armor was also a nice new idea, but it should probably be reserved to its own sperate list instead of being stand-alone varients. This would mean that a ‘blood splatter’ paint job, for example, could be applied to any of the armors in the game.