My current opinions to the "Beta" and current MP

Please disregard if I am posting in the wrong section, but here is my current opinion on the state of the game. Other than the very poorly thought out progression system, lack of customization at launch, and the poor UI when it comes to the menu, I REALLY like the way it plays, I am on PC and it feels great, and gives me all the good vibes from previous Halo games. There are a few big issues though that I have seen, First off, player collision has cost me a couple kills when trying to melee a Ln enemy that is close to me. Second, the death timing/death registry needs to be fixed, I killed someone, it gave me the red “X” and then they were able to shoot me, which killed me but then they died immediately after I died. Lastly, I noticed while playing Ranked that the BR damage was not consistent, I unloaded a full magazine into one guys back and head and he didn’t die, and I hit every shot.

My problems with the Halo multiplayer are:

1- There is no progression/rank outside of the battle pass. There absolutely needs to be one
2- Some helmets/visors/armor/etc are locked to certain armor cores…that sucks, why? Why cant we mix and match?!
3- Maps & Modes - I think my friends and I got oddball 5 times in a row, 5 TIMES IN A ROW (three of which were on the same map!) in ranked arena.
4- Where is the playlist for more than solo/duo for controller only? If I have a team of 3 or 4 of us playing on xbox…why cant we still be in a controller only playlist?
5- And of course… the battle pass progression…its just…unbearable at times

Dude you’re right I forgot about the Oddball crap. I hate playing Oddball and I got it a bunch last night

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