My CSR Is Stuck At 1?

Can someone please help me out? I’ve played a few Castle DLC games and have won all but one or two, and have still played extremely well and my CSR won’t budge :frowning:

Looks to me like you’ve won 4 out of your last 9 matches on the new DLC maps…

I went 32-3 and 40-3 in two games on castle and I’m still a 1 so tell me about crap rankings…

My exact response after I got done today was “Oh look, it went up to 3, well that’s nice”.

CSR is thankfully so little noticiable, that I barely care its there.

Def. not halo 3.

I thought I’ve been doing well.
CSR 1.


How does CSR work?

The following playlists will use individual scoring and measure your performance against all others in the game.
This ensures that the players who play the best in each match will have their CSR adjusted accordingly.
Players who win consistently in these playlists will rank up faster than they will in the playlists that use team scoring.

Playlists that use individual scoring:

Infinity Slayer
Big Team Infinity Slayer
Rumble Pit
Team Action Sack
Team Snipers

The following playlists will use team scoring, and your CSR will be based off wins and losses.
It will take longer to rank up in these playlists.

Playlists that will use team scoring:

Castle Team DLC
Team Objective
Capture the Flag
Team Throwdown
Team Doubles

As you can see, Castle Team DLC is a team CSR playlist, so your CSR will only go up for winning games… not for how well YOU play.

I won 6 games of Team Throwdown and I’m stuck at CSR 1 :frowning:

CSR is a joke I have to look at waypoint to check it out?!! fawk that 343 you ruined halo

Castle DLC is 6v6 TrueSkill. Expect to play 70-200 games to get to where you should be.

> Castle DLC is 6v6 TrueSkill. Expect to play 70-200 games to get to where you should be.

Exactly. Anyone that wants to know about how many games it takes for what playlist… Direct yourselves to the trueskill thread.

This is an accurate system that works better if players are actually trying but… What could you do right? - TrueSkill™ Ranking System - Microsoft Research

Here is a basic chart of how long it takes to place ya

Game Mode
Number of Games per Gamer
16 Players Free-For-All
8 Players Free-For-All
4 Players Free-For-All
2 Players Free-For-All
4 Teams/2 Players Per Team
4 Teams/4 Players Per Team
2 Teams/4 Players Per Team
2 Teams/8 Players Per Team

Ive played 30 games of team throwdown and won like 20 of them but i cant get past csr 1…

Yeah I’m stuck at CSR 1 after significant play time. Besides, I thought it was being tracked since inception, just not calculated and displayed?

I knew I suck, but not that bad…