My concern with 343 as a studio

Pretty much boils down to the amount of features that halo has accumulated from CE to reach

aside from addictive multiplayer and compelling single player campaign with co-op and split-screen
theres forge
the armory
robust stat tracking
and fileshare among other things (screenshot catalog system, bungie pro video render minutes etc)

bungie didnt just do that overnight

343, to this point, has outsourced everything theyve done(defiant, waypoint) even Halo CEA is being made with Certain Affinity
so halo 4 will be their first project by themselves unless im mistaken

im just skeptical that they can match that feature set and then be able to add to it in a way that we’ve come to expect with new halo titles

We already have a service record on the Halo Waypoint website. It seems decent enough, although I don’t think you can track your match history like you can on

I’m sure that more will be revealed when full control gets handed over to 343i.

Considering a lot of the current employees are former Bungie-employees I’d say that the series is in good hands. Also, Certain Affinity also have a few former Bungie-employees employed. These grizzled ancients care for their IP and they’ve been around since the start.
Certain Affinity also produced some of the most beloved Halo content such as a few multiplayer maps. Hang 'em High for one.

On a side note, I’d also like to point out that there are lots of new talent in 343 Industries (Microsoft has been hiring!) and I’m VERY excited to see what these fresh faces can come up with for future projects.

And with that I calmly put my trust into both 343 Industries and Certain Affinity.