My computer can time travel!!!

i was having trouble with halo waypoint and it finally loaded and this is what came up

notice the halo bulletin say 10/12/11 ???

That’s a content load error on the website’s part. I’ve gotten it before, too. Not sure how it decides what to post up, but it’s not terribly uncommon I don’t think.

Yeah, I know, killing the fun here, but I figured I’d logically explain it.

Quick Edit: Link just directs to main site. Also, not sure if it’s a load error on our computer’s end or the site’s end, but… it has happened a few times to me.

Belongs in the halo waypoint section.

But ya. That’s happened to me like 10 times today.

thats probably why it’s having issues.

All that stuff is messed up titles for very old articles