My Complaint

Look Im not going to whine about this game is broken.

My problems are the playist are limited,

  • what ever happened to team objective?

  • Why is flag being played on asymmetrical maps?

  • Why are the maps that are listed as small to medium size big enough to play btb on?

Look the game play is fine except for the lag that the game is dealing with but thats fixable and most likely is being attended to. This game is fun but when you count some of the flaws that 343 has included in this game it makes it much less enjoyable.

Pros to having an objective playlist.

More population to one playlist
Less playlist in rotation which would mean snipers and team doubles can return

The one flag game type seriously needs to return to make games on abandoned, complex, and other maps for enjoyable.

We need more arena style maps in matchmaking and the maps on the forge maps really need to be included in mm just to add more variety

343 are too worried working on the next map pack and more spartan ops to worry about your small little issues. More Gametypes? More gametyps don’t make them money, so don’t expect them to do anything about it.


343, when you do this, I demand compensation for my idea pitch.

you are correct but when you give the community more of a reason to play by actually releasing playlist people enjoy playing it means more players coming back to halo 4 which means more people will buy the dlc and since 343 is having trouble keeping a good population on a daily basis they need to go more towards a classic halo when it comes to the playlist