My Challenge System Feedback

After Playing Halo Infinite Online for a while. the one thing that i cannot stand is the Challenge System. There are two major flaws with it in my personal opinion.

  1. Half of the Challenges are purely Luck Based. Getting a Specific Weapon Kill or Medal can take ages to get if you’re lucky. It doesnt require just skill, but timing and hope to get it. (i.e. get a Headshot with a Sniper Rife X amount of times).

  2. Event Challenges being blocked by Normal Challenges. For some reason, you can’t just grind away Event Challenges, they have to throw in non-relevant normal challenges in front of them every so often for whatever reason.

These two issues is what drives me up a wall every time i’m grinding to unlock Free Cosmetic items! i know they’re a business and sell content, but why make the Free stuff so difficult to unlock? I know some hardcore players can get these with ease, but as a casual “weekend Warrior” player who works and doesnt have much time during the week to play, feel cheated and going uphill to earn a Free Helmet or Shader or Key Chain. Even Battlefield 2042 has easier challenges for their Free Cosmetic Items.

Now im not saying to get rid of Challenges, but i think a major reform on what kind for certain rewards needs to happen. If you want Harder Challenges to unlock a Cosmetic Item that you could alternatively buy, sure, but if its only a Free Unlock, then the challenges should be simplified so that every has a fair, equal and quick shot to earn them. No more luck based, no more mixing Event and Non-event missions together, Just simple, endurance and attrition based missions, please.

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