my challenge of endurance

today, for some odd reason at work, i decided i shall do a 24 hour halo 4 endurance challenge.

why am i posting this? no idea!
does it matter? not really!

i just thought it is special enough to me to share it with the halo community (though most of you wont care but…) and the only other time i did this was for the launch of skyrim.

what i will try to achieve during this challenge -

  • Finnish off concussion rifle and beam rifle to 100% all covy weapons
  • either master the light rifle or come very close
  • raise the pulse grenade to about 100 kills
  • get boltshot on master

as i side note, once i finish forerunner weapons, the last thing ill need is UNSC for protector drift.

last but not least.
why am i doing this? for the ladies!

The best excuse: For the ladies.
I did a 12 hour marathon of halo 4 with 5 friends on 2 consoles.
I took:
A blanket
12 frozen pizzas
Lots of coke and pepsi
About 9000 doses of 5 hour energy
and my lucky coin, with which i can use precision weapons.

Good luck dude!

Good luck! You’ll need it if you’re going to play for 24 hours straight! Hope you can finish off all those Commendations!

Wow, that is going to be painful having to stay up all through that and almost play non-stop, do the impossible bro!

wow, thanks for all the support everyone :slight_smile:

Wow dude. You will have to change your GT to -My eyes are burnt- after this!

Good luck, man! I hope to have my DRIFT before this year ends. Currently mastering BR, and I have mastered more than 60% of the power weapons already.


i would like to say, i have completed the challenge! during the 24 hours i mastered railgun, light rifle, avenger, and two things in capture the flag.

i sadly didn’t finnish beam rifle and concussion but i am extremely close,im 183/250 for beam rifle and 152/250 for concussion. gained about 120 kills with beam rifle and 200 with concussion!

Congrats! I suppose your eyes did not blow up, then lol.

> Congrats! I suppose your eyes did not blow up, then lol.

they didn’t, but on the last hour they got very watery and stung a bit lol

Congrats dude! Nice work on those commendations.