My campaign review so far (spoiler free)

So I have done the first mission when you first get to free roam. I was enjoying the game up until then, however, I did not, not enjoy the free roam.

Let me explain.

Free roaming comes with a great price, that price is taking you out of the moment.

ODST kept you in the moment because of the setting, the fact you are alone, it’s night, finding out the story of the superintendent, the weird quietness, among other things.

Halo Infinite free roam doesn’t necessarily take you out of the moments, but it doesn’t help them. (Going back to ODST setup, you are kept in the moment constantly. “This is what my teammates went through, damn”. Back to, “I’m alone at night again damn”).

It’s hard to explain, because like there are other games that do this and it’s fine. The Missions I have played been great, (to a certain extent/ to each their own). I don’t want people to get me wrong here. (Mission vs Free Roam) It’s the free roam that takes me of the story.

It’s a weird setup for a game like Halo, where the levels are usually big that wanting more is a second thought after “yo damn this is amazing. (Aka Halo 2. Some will understand what I mean)

However I am enjoying it. (I guess free roam takes the mystery out of things. That what Halo has always been about, mystery.)