My campaign reset

Im over level 100 and one day my halo 4 reset to the main menu and acted like i just started playing the game for the first time. Then i was wearing all recruit armor and had to change it back to what i had. But worst of all I’ve completed the whole campaign on solo legendary and half of it co-op on heroic but now it says i haven’t completed any missions. I don’t want to start over and i want to be able to select what ever mission i want so i can do challenges. So what do i do?

This was caused by the August 2013 update and was then fixed in the November 2013 update. This should only happen to you once.

There’s no way to get your Campaign progress back; the damage has been done. The quickest and easiest way to get your progress back is just to run through all of the missions on Easy.

Hello True Reclaim3r.

As Vektor0 has stated, there is no way to get your Campaign progress back. The easiest way to re-unlock the missions is to do a quick run-through on Easy. Your Halo Waypoint stats should still show that you’ve completed the Campaign, at least, and it won’t happen again. :wink: