My campaign progress is gone!!???!!

I was only up to Requiem on the campaign since getting the game but its gone! I was planning to play the campaign out a hour or two a few nights a week over the weeks as the challenges came up, simply because I dont have the time to sit down and jam out a big game session and finish it in one hit. Plus I like to do the challenges.

Now that I have a chance to play tonight… START CAMPAIGN! WTF?!? No mission select, only prologue. Yet it remembers which skulls I had on the last time I played. I can see the save file in the HDD though the Xbox menu. Tried restarting the console a few times. Tried connected and disconnected from live (dont have cloud set up so that shouldnt really matter). Other games load without issue, I can choose any mission/level/continue from previous save (Reach/COD/Naruto/A. Creed etc). But Ha-freaking-lo-point-in-the-franchise 4 has decided provided more grief.

I had hoped most stuff was fixed since launch week, but now this?!?

Any similar issues out there?
Any ideas for a fix?

I really dont want to start all over again - and yes, I know its only 2 missions, but when I only have a few hours spare a week, that equates out to 2 weeks of game play for me.

I lost all my progress too. and all terminals.

Is there a fix? Is it a known thing for the game?

Or did you have to start all over again?

Same happened to me a couple days ago.

Sigh…gotta love Xbox 360 :frowning: Sorry to hear it bro. I don’t think there is much you can do about it.

Just happened to me, too. I lost two weeks of Heroic clear and a quarter of Legendary solo. I’m going to have to redo three levels just to complete the damn campaign challenge this week. Thankfully, it’s a holiday weekend, because I’m in a very similar situation as the OP is - it’s a rarity for me to get serious time to play.

And something like this happening is beyond disheartening.

This happened to me also a while back.Even my halo avatar rewards were gone. ( I dont care about it but still) I tried calling xbox but they said they have nothing to do with it since its in game stuff.Although they did get my avatar rewards back.So did they come up with a fix because im not about to start it all back on Solo Legendary just so it can be deleted again.

This has never happen to me but Im kinda scared that it will now…

Same here guys I lost my entire campaign, where is the 343 support?

I had this happen to me on Reach when 343 released the TU.

343, get your -Yoink- together. This game is fixable, but right now there are a few really frustrating things that ned to be fixed (Eg: this, DMR vs BR, BoltShot).

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Do it all again, be thankful you weren’t far, i had done six missions when i was reset the first time and four the second.

It happened to me back in Halo Reach all the time. You have to replay the Campaign. Sorry dude.