My Campaign and player got reset WTF! Fix it!

Alright, one thing that happend to my brother 2 times before is his campaign and multiplayer player got reset but not me, not untill now.

Well how I turned off my xbox last time was then I played a match on the new majestic DLC but then something between me and my game came up IRL soo I had to turn off my xbox in middle of that multiplayer game.

I started the game now and the update page came up again. Clicked on infinite and saw the begginer video again for the secound time since I got the game. Then my player had his basic (recrut) set again, wrong colors, every class was reset, over 300 golden stars appeared. Spartan Ops said I had new episodes but thank god my progress there was saved, but I now have gold stars on the film icons again.

And worse of all, my Campaign progress was reset. But my save then I did last weeks challange (Midnight mission) was still there. But exept that I have to clear everything on legendary again :frowning:

This is the first time something like this happend to any of my Halo games. Pls FIX This and let it never happend again to this or future halo games ever again >:(

Soo is there anything to fix this or what?

I was told by 343 there is no fix for this. It has happened to a lot of people, including myself, on various forums. Sorry.

Sorry, but is there ANYTHING so urgent that requires as much immediacy that you can’t push pause, leave game, then hold down the power button on your controller, turn off console? This shouldn’t take more than ten seconds. You should never shut off an Xbox while the game is still going on.

In the future, try saving then turning off the console. 10-15 seconds will save a lot of grief.