My buddy can't start up the actual game.

My buddy got halo wars 2 a couple days ago and he cannot get past the main menu. Every instance of the game crashes during the loading screen (pre-gameplay), even the tutorial. If he searches in matchmaking, it searches forever and finds no one. When we try to join eachother, it says we have a different version. He has soft reset his Xbox, hard reset his Xbox, uninstalled and reinstalled, switched from external to internal storage, and even tried deleting the reserved space file and starting the game up… but nothing has worked. On these forums I have found this topic pop up quite a few times, and with no official word from 343 or CA, this is very upsetting because it looks like he will be forced to return the game. This is a huge issue and I really hope there is some way to fix this

Update: he signed into my account and downloaded my digital version of the game. Works fine

Bought this game this weekend and I can’t play at all. Like described by Halofreaked, tutorial, campaign, multiplayer every time it crashes on the loading screen and return to the home screen of the Xbox. Please note that I have the CD version too, is there a way to fix this issue? I can’t download the digital version like Halofreaked did.