My brief analysis of Halo 4

With 343, the universe continues incredible, untouchable and better for me.
I love the campaign, the history is incredible, i like more than Bungie’s campaigns.
The Spartan Ops are a great idea for the franchise, but had a bad beginning, but improved.
Forge, well, is good, the people say that is better, with his failures, but better.
The only failures that the people find in the game are in the multiplayer, but isn’t bad, right?

Halo 4 has won two prizes in VGA, BEST GAME OF XBOX and BEST GRAFICS.

Finally, i say that Halo 4 is a good game for the franchise, with his failures, but is normal, is his first Halo, but they have not done it bad, right?

Thank you for your atention, Regards :D.

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FORGE IS -Yoink!- E D

Agreed. Of course 343 was going to make mistakes in their first try but Forge island is proof that they plan to improve and will go out of their to do it.

If it werent for 343 none of us would be here right now and halo would be just a memory.

Forge isn’t bad, has his failures, is normal, but 343 has not done a bad work.

Perhaps has not Bungie committed failures? Much in my opinion.

Compared with Reach, Halo 4 is a great game, in my opinion, Reach was HORRIBLE.

In general, i like 343’s Halo more than Bungie’s Halo.

Halo 4, for me, is between the four best Halo.

For me, the critiques are unfair with this game.

A good future waits for the franchise with 343, is a good Halo, isn’t bad, right? Is normal that 343 committed failures, is his first Halo, but repeat that 343 has not done a bad work.

Regards :D.

> Compared with Reach

Comparing H4 to Reach?

You may as well compare H4 to Doritos Crash Course

2.Halo 3
3.Halo CE
4.Halo 4
5.Halo 2
6.Halo ODST
7.Halo wars

Halo 4’s campaign was pretty awesome, and enjoyable. I even clapped at the end of it.

Multiplayer is a failure. In everyway

Sops was a brilliant idea, but it still managed to be quite boring

And i dont do Forge.

and Theater lacking Campaign and Sops? WTH 343I?