My Biggest Disappointment Is With One Music Track

“Blue Team”, the Halo 5 version of Halo 4’s “117.”

Remember the broadsword sequence in Halo 4 with the music making it feel so epic?
I was so ready for another great epic moment with Blue Team…
Just to realize that the track doesn’t play until the -Yoinking!- CREDITS!
save the best for last I guess? meh…

Made me sad faic, bros.

I’m weirded out by how there’s this one track with the most inspiring violins I’ve heard in years, but yet a different level would have the most generic fight song ever that is heard in every generic game ever. Was the soundtrack made by 2 different people?

I found that “The Trials” was more akin to 117, and it played a couple times if I remember correctly.

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> Was the soundtrack made by 2 different people?

I don’t believe so…

I loved the song that played the first time Locke was given the Mantis. That whole area was awesome!