My Biggest Complaint About Halo Infinite ( The Weapons)

Seriously every weapon is either underpowered or overpowered
Let me Start…
The Stalker Rifle needs a buff it’s a covenant DMR !!!
The Bulldog is underpowered asf at close range it should be instant kill it’s a -Yoink!- shotgun
The Battle Rifle is underpowered it shouldn’t take 5 burst to kill an opponent
The AR is underpowered it shouldn’t take a mag and half to kill an opponent
The needler is op asf to TTK is ridiculous
The Mauler is underpowered and by the looks of it’s been nerfed virtually worthless now
The plasma pistol is virtually worthless no emp ability which was the reason for the plasma pistol to disable shields to disable vehicles
. There’s still a lack of Weapons where’s the
. OG Shotgun
. Magnum

Well then the clip would need to have less ammo also! 14 insta kills LMBO

And why are you suggesting og shotgun while also suggesting 1 shot bulldog LOL.