My Big Team Battle feedback and issues feedback

These are some of the issues I’ve been thinking about a lot in terms of my experience with Big Team Battle and the balance/sandbox design I wanted to share in the hopes 343 will see it.

In Big team Battle there’s a number of issues and in terms of fun and balancing I believe this is the area of the game that requires the most work. In arena while there are issues I believe the over all balance and enjoyment is higher. Things like the way tanks and other high powered vehicles will randomly spawn at the other base is extremely frustrating and in my experience it’s typically what happens when you do see one more often than not. I’ve even been in games where our team is losing badly only to have the other team handed a scorpion tank to make things worse.

The way the BTB maps are designed is too choke pointy in many cases, it leads to standoffs between teams and frustrating situations where you’re punished especially in vehicles for leaving your side of the map. This also makes flying in the game feel extremely restricted especially with the banshee and it just feels janky and it’s not fun to fly. It feels really rushed and un considered within the multiplayer sandbox.

Scorpion tank controls are the worst they’ve ever been, it feels like trying to turn and aim in the game is completely broken this is made much worse by the map design and lack of freedom to move, it also is a real issue that tanks get hung up on small trees and stuff like that. I would really like to see the ability to map the tank controls to the triggers for forward and reverse, this is something I’ve wanted to have for a long time and in infinite its pretty clear to me it needs this feature more than ever. I would also like to see armour damage modifiers for where you hit the tank, at very least the rear of the tank should be the most vulnerable part of the vehicle to anti armour weapons.

The brute chopper really is an almost useless vehicle, you’re either a sitting duck while trying to shoot someone or you’re completely over exposed for trying to ram a player or vehicle. On the vehicle side the way ramming works is completely broken and not momentum based, it’s about how long you make contact with the other vehicle and it doesn’t function the way it should. Add in emp weapons and the chopper might be the most useless vehicle in the game.

In general many of the vehicles feel really difficult to use, things like the warthog especially require team work to actually make work and they’re often just so easy for the other team to pick off they don’t really seem to see much use. This is again particularly made worse by the map design.

Uneven weapon spawns can be really frustrating, things like the battlerifle are so important in the big team battle setting but sometimes it just feels like there are too few of them around the map and I genuinely believe after a lot of play time that the commando rifle needs a slight buff to damage in order to be able to complete with it or the Assault rifle.

Certain game modes like stock pile and total control can sometimes favor one team more in the areas they spawn, I understand these are momentum based game modes but sometimes I find the imbalance of teams just leads to one team getting completely shut out extremely quickly.

I think the random ordinance could probably spawn at a slightly lower rate, another grip with players not really earning power weapons but just getting lucky had having them drop in front of them.

This last one isn’t BTB specific but it’s obviously something that’s very evident in this mode. The way explosions look in this game is really, really bad, especially when vehicles blow up. Its no exaggeration to say that explosions looked better in Halo 3 with debris flying off vehicles and lots of particles and bloom effects. In Halo Infinite when a vehicle explosion happens it feels like the vehicle is just falling apart and it looks prestine and clean afterwards. It sounds small but it literally takes away from the simulation of the game every single time it happens.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Turn “Movement assisted steering” on.
    That should help you.
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I tried that it didn’t seem to help, it also effects the other vehicles doesn’t it? If you have to hold the left stick forward I don’t think it’s a good way to control any vehicle if the left stick also steers.

It does affect other vehicles (specifically wheeled vehicles), but you can steer with the camera like normal. However you have to be more careful with your left stick. It’s not great, but I’ve found it to be better than the default. Aw well. Maybe 343 will add something that helps down the road.

Does that by chance seperate mouse aimming on the turret from movement of the tank by chance? What I want is this for controls for the Scorpion tank specifically…

Mouse = Turns the turret, mouse 1 fires
W = Moves the tank in the direction the tank is face ( not the camera )
S = Moves the tank backwards from where the tank is face ( not the camera )
A = Turn the tank counter clockwise to the left
D = Turn the tank clock wise to the right

I’m only on xbox so I can’t really speak for pc. But judging by what I can do with it on controller, I think it might do that for mnk. Best bet is just to mess around with it in campaign in an open field.