My Anti-AFK proposal

Hi guys,

I’m writing this wall post to vent my frustration at the amount of people I’ve met who are AFK on Halo: Reach this past day. Today, 95% of the games I’ve played in have contained at least one person who has been AFK for the full game. This is clearly frustrating because if you’re going to be busy for a game, then just go back to the lobby, simple as. They also don’t seem to care if they get their credits and rank reset.

This is why I propose that an AFK Rehabilitation Room be added to Halo: Reach in the upcoming update. If a player has been AFK for one game, they will be automatically teleported to this room. The room would be set on the destroyed planet of Reach and would require the player to go through a series of teleporters, kill a group of unarmed enemies, and destroy a vehicle (In a random order) within one minute.

If the player SUCCEEDS in completing these three tasks, they will be allowed to continue playing with a warning.

If the player FAILS to complete these tasks within one minute, this will count as one day banned from Matchmaking. The player will then be asked to complete this task again.

For each time the player fails to complete these tasks, one more hour will be added to their ban time. So if the player fails to complete the tasks in 24 minutes, the player receives a 24 hour ban.

This method of banning players from Matchmaking would be a very good and strict way to stop these AFKer’s once and for all, as the current method just doesn’t seem to work at all.

Let me know what you guys think.

You know, as much as I hear about AFK folks, I’ve never come across one.

Lol. Well in that case, then you are probably an AFKer yourself :slight_smile:

Theres no more deranking in Reach, no other peripheral reason people would AFK, apart from not being able to quit cos of the ban.

You must address the root reasons why people dont want to play match after match, not step up enforcement to insane levels. You really think people start the xbox because they really want to NOT play halo? Have a think about this.

> Lol. Well in that case, then you are probably an AFKer yourself :slight_smile:

XD If I only had the time.

AFKers usually have something else to do. like things in real life. Besides, i don’t have problems with AFKers. More kills for me. And if they’re on my team? I push them elsewhere.

Yeah, if they had things to do in real life, then there’s nothing stopping them from quitting the game is there?

In my opinion, AFCers are even worse than quitters. I don’t really care much about them in Firefight although I still thing they’re pathetic parasites, but I get really annoyed by them in multiplayer. Not only are you practically one man down, but in slayer games that person also provides free points for the other team. Quite often I’ve lost a game because of that, and it really annoys me.

One of the biggest reasons why I hate AFK’ers is the fact that they’ll still bring lag with them via their connection.

The other is that some people actually go so far as to put themselves out of harms way and AFK. One guy ran right out to the very edge of “Unearthed” and would continue to do so even if he died (which he did pretty much ONLY because of Dropship Concussion blasts).

It’s one thing for them being briefly “busy” and away for one match, but it’s another being matched up with the same annoying repeat offenders who will continually fly into certain “glitch areas” (like in Courtyard) and do nothing until the bonus round. Honestly somethiing needs to be done about these people and if not, we should be given some kind of option to blacklist specific players so we’re not forced to have be matched up with them even after giving them bad rep and returning to lobby.

What Microsoft need to do is completely revamp the ‘Reporting’ system they have. They need to let us write down the specific details instead of choosing from a list of three. And I know this may be irrelevent, but they need to upgrade the Xbox Guide to make it translucent, to give it a glass style like Windows Aero, and do the same with those little notes that come up to tell you that a friend is online.

Anyway, back on topic, I hate it when AFKers just join a match and don’t play, I mean, if they’re going to be busy, then just simply quit. The only risk there is that you’ve left a few games already and you get banned for 15 minutes, but that’s fine, if they’re busy then they don’t need to worry about that 15 minutes.

Equally, I’m fed up of players being AFK in Firefight (Although I do not do Firefight often) and everybody has drained their lives, apart from that one person who is AFK and we have to wait it out until the game ends, it’s so frustrating.

> AFKers usually have something else to do. like things in real life. Besides, i don’t have problems with AFKers. More kills for me. And if they’re on my team? I push them elsewhere.

Then they should avoid turning on their Xbox if they have other things to do.

AFK/C players don’t bother me in Firefight, but I feel the penalty isn’t harsh enough for those that AFK/C is Matchmaking or Arena. Obviously a 10-minute, or even 24 hour ban is ineffective.

Ok 2 things.

#1, you’re idea isn’t that easy to do, in order for them to do what you’re suggesting they’d need to rebuild Reach from the ground up, and make a whole new game.
#2, I run into AFK people all the time in all games, hell, I even go AFK some times, but I don’t mind people who are AFK cause some times it’s cause people have to go deal with a real life problem, not every one is lucky enough to lock them selves in their room, and not get botherd. The only times I’m AFK for more than a few secs at a time, it’s because I’m in a party with my friends, and I need to take a major piss, or something happened that needed my focuse more than the game. Also, very rarly I some times am in a game AFK cause my party has 2 other people who are awesome at halo, that they can last with out my help, so I run to the store to get something to eat.

If 343 wants to do something about the AFK people, all they have to do is set up a timer that after so much time of idle, a person is kicked from the game, it’s quick, it’s simple, and no need for a ton of bull -Yoink- coding like OP suggested.
If there’s a person who is AFK on your team, and you’re butts are getting handed to you, then you need to step up your game, that is if you’re one of those gamers who are more worried about winning then having fun, if not, if you lose, you get credits, if you win, you get credits, it’s just a game.

Now, as far as Microsoft redoing the reporting system, I highly agree with that, cause I love reporting people for their profiles if they’re little kids acting like they’re all tough and saying some words that’d make some of Drill Sergeants from Basic Training red in the face. You should be able to report people if they’re too young to play the game, and also have an option to avoid people who -Yoink!- alot, yes tea bagging is the bread and butter of gaming, but there’s a line between it being fun and games, and it being stupid.