My Amazing Living Dead Round + Highlight Clip

Thank you in advance for checking out these two short videos I uploaded onto YouTube. If you have a YouTube account I would be more than grateful if you could chuck a like and even maybe a comment onto the videos because I enjoy knowing that people like my videos and I also enjoy finding out what people actually think about them.
Cheers all!

Link To Entire Round:
Click Here!
Link To Highlight Clip:
Click Here!

That’s a lot of kills man. You showed some pretty good skill. But why did you jump off?

I figured, why get killed by those who were infected (which to me would have felt more like a loss), when I can keep going until I have basically no ammo left and then commit honourable suicide by bringing a few of them to hell with me!

If you haven’t already, would you please share these videos with your friends because I really want to get more views, likes and subscribers so that when I upload videos in the future, I can entertain a much larger audience. Thank you for watching and commenting!

Nice job!

Thanks for my YouTube comment!! As I said to the previous fellow who commented in this forum, I would be extremely grateful if you could share my videos with your friends so more people can get interested in what I want to do. Thank you again!