My alternative account is banned?

This post has been edited by a moderator. Please do not create alternate accounts to bypass forum bans. Alternate accounts will be permanently banned, and offending users will be subject to both temporary and permanent bans.

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I logged onto the Halo Waypoint forums under JMacCourage when I noticed my account was suspended until the far future (even though it said temporarily). Does anyone know why? The last thing I did was report the one and only post I ever made (so it could be deleted), now I’m suspended. That account was never intended for main use and now it’s catching trouble.

Contact the Admin who locked your account, before this gets locked for working around the Forum Ban!

Just a heads up mate!

Alternative accounts are not allowed as it allows trolls multiple prescences on the forum.

I can guess about 80% of the “Say no to Pro” Infinity trolls are alternative accounts.

So basically, I’m getting no correspondence from the moderators. I finally posted my topic in the correct forum (this thread was an accident) because I don’t know how to move a topic. However, no one seems to care about my situation. I didn’t mean any harm, and my benign mistake was rewarded with a ban-hammer strike to my back. I don’t even know what to say. I PM’ed a moderator in desperate hope that they would then read my appeal, but apparently not. What has happened here? All I came here for was tech support, the next thing I know I’m getting ban-hammered from behind.