My additional address to the lvling of halo:infinite

Noted leveling is still difficult and the teams of Halo: Infinite have made clear and interest to change.

In my opinion and with a lesson of reality, those that have the skill and time can achieve what the challenge is asking through what has been provided, exploiting, or paying a fee. I believe in games like battlefield where your unlocking weapons and weapon parts it makes more sense to spend money rather then on cosmetics that contribute to what is being commonly called a quack bang, my explanation (not copy right or etc.) a act to confuse an enemy. In this case with its new samurai themed armor to possibly create fear.

In terms of economics and making money; if it looks cool it might sell, if it plays right without more problems then expected it will sell.
I just found out there is another delay and that forge mode WILL be in Halo: Infinite. I have always been a fan of creativity and the Halo community’s custom games.

I am happy to see that with time that their is now multiple weapons that disable a vehicle in the worlds and rings of the halo universe. Noted like the needler’s nerf was reverse, a term I don’t support but use for explanation purposes because it as become widely used, i would hope that the plasma pistol would still disable a vehicle.
I think the smg has always been a fan favorite and a diversity of weaponry is difficult for its multi-player maps. Smgs aren’t likely to make a return unless the halo franchise take another play from another competitor and add it in a DLC which they rightfully could. Hey I thought that this was going to be a halo themed version of Destiny. I’m happy it’s not because that would have looked really awefull and I would have never purposely played another halo game for the rest of my life.

I would have brought a 3 teamed war into infinite as an additional mode like invasion ( which was my favorite multiplayer mode of halo: reach) I think that makes sense in the story line considering the uprising the arbiter lead, the convent, the brutes being brutes, the flood, promethines and Humans.

From what I know Halo: infinite just snuck in another free beta. I think it’s necessary for any fiction series to take the necessary time to get their story straight. Deadlines and etc aren’t realistic I have been hinting at this for quite some time over other platforms like YouTube & instagram and truly look down upon but also commend call of duty for being able to produce a campaign year after year.