My Achievements? what it's going on?

So yesterday I entered to Halo Waypoint on the 360 (I had like 8 months I didn’t entered) and then when I checked my Career Overview my level on the Milestones was 42 when I’m already 75. I checked my achievemets and Halo Waypoint showed me Halo 3 and Reach’s achievemnts as locked. Then after a few hours I get back to Waypoint and it was already as 75 and my achievements were unlocked again.
So then today I entered another time and now it says I’m at Milestone 55 and now the locked achievemnts are the Halo CEA and Halo Wars’… I entered here on the page to check it on my profile and it states the same 55 and achievements locked. I mean this has ever happend to anyone else?, is it a bug or maybe my Internet Connection? I’m just waiting this to be some minor problem, but I’m worried about it, its not like if the achievemenst were too easy to not Halo waypoint not recognaizing them.

Btw only Waypoint (both 360 and the web site) doesn’t recognize the achievements. The achievements on the Xbox and on the web site of Xbox still show them.

Sorry if this is something old but I have been out of gold from a long time and now I’m getting back to be prepared for Halo 4

There’s a glitch, but don’t worry its only temporary. You are not the only user with that problem. Its being fixed.