My 1st Montage :)

Hey guys! I made my first ever montage and was hoping to get some feedback! :slight_smile:

I also uploaded my rant video on what sucks about Halo 5! So please let me know how I can improve the channel and help it grow!

Very good montage! Your music choice is solid and I really like how you played with the speed of the shots to highlight cool parts of your gameplay. Solid work!

For your second video, the message was clear and your voice over work is very good as it kept me intrigued about what you had to say instead of just a continuous preach. The only thing I can see that would make it better but might prove to be a little difficult, is to match with visuals your points about what you are saying. You currently show a game of breakout but I think to really hammer out your themes even further would be to also show exactly what your gripes are as you say them on screen.

Really nice work and would definitely like to see another montage video in the near future!

Super nice montage homie! I enjoyed it!

We should wreck kids sometime! add me up