My $1.10

(It was all I had in my pocket)

I know there are a lot of similarly written threads going around here and I don’t mean to be “just another one of those threads”, but hey everyone has an opinion and by-golly it should be heard!!

First off I’d just like to say, Halo 4 is pretty -Yoink!- good! I’m having quite a bit of fun slaying noobs in king of the hill (even though you removed it :-/ ) and going positive 25 in objective games.

I think you guys did an amazing job with the story line and really put a lot of heart into it. (I’m not a single player / story line guy at all but I think it was one of the best top 5 single player stories I’ve played through yet!)

All in all I’m really enjoying the game and I think you guys have an amazing start to hopefully an amazing trilogy!

There are a few things though I’d like to mention about multiplayer.

Halo 2 and halo 3 were so wildly successful and popular because they had something players could come back to day after day and continue to progress on. Skill.

Specifically I’m talking about CSR here, it’s great that your implementing it but I’m concerned with how your implementing it.

Requiring me to go to a website to see how I’m doing in a game, not the most efficient or appealing way to get a live update and feel for how I’m doing.

There is just something about working towards a goal and watching it play out live.

We already have, no need for a second website that does the same thing.

I fear we’ll continue to see a steady decline in the community as a whole should we not get a number next to our name that shows us how we’re doing. I’d really like to see people playing with microphones again!

I could talk about a lot of other stuff, but really the most important thing to me is having a rank next to my name.

Have a social (or what ever you want to call it) and a ranked playlist!

I agree with ya 110 percent op!!!

I love everything about this game, and adding a ranked playlist with an in game rank next to the game would make this thing damn near perfect for me.