MVP + top medals

Does anyone else miss seeing the MVP and top medals in the post game lobby?

I liked working hard to be MVP so people know how well I did.
And i liked looking at top medals thinking “That guy got a killtacular, I should watch out for him next game”

I don’t see why they took it out, but i sure miss it!

Yes I miss it.

Why does 343i need to nerf halo?

yeah i only pay attention to my medals, I never bothered to look at anyone else.

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all the little kiddies’ feelings will be hurt if they never get any top medals wah wah

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Lol you can give me a warning for being “non constructive” or whatever but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s true. This game doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and tries to flatten the skill gap out as far as possible so that no one is considered better than anyone else. That’s the reason there’s no MVP or top medals. We wouldn’t want any ten year olds to get discouraged, since that’s what Halo’s population is going to be from now on.

> Yes I miss it.
> Why does 343i need to nerf halo?

Because everyone is a winner.