MVP and Top Medals!!!!!

What happened to MVP and top medals in the game stats at the end. I mean if i did dominate in a match and got a killtac or rampage i want people to know. And of course i want people to know when I’m mvp even if my team loses.

I was playing Halo 3 the other day. I went 25 and 3 or something like that. I had all the top medals and MVP. It certainly felt good seeing my name and spartan there.

343i, please bring this to Halo 5!

I thought you couldnt be MVP if your team lost?

Both are things I’d definitely like to see in the game though.

i thijnk you might be right about the not being able to be mvp if you lost but still would be nice if they added it. its annoying when your not playing with mates and you get half your teams kills and still lose, being mvp would ease the hurt