Mutliplayer Maps

I feel that its a good idea to create on thread for us all to share our thoughts on Multiplayer maps, specifically Arena.
Which maps do you like and why?
Which maps do you dislike and why?
What type of maps are you wanting or remakes are you wanting?

I feel that for the most part the maps are …okay. I think there is still a big opportunity to make some good maps from the old maps that worked & be innovative!
Please share your thoughts.

Orion needs a fix, and fast!

Not sure, most of the maps are too small, want to be able to play bigger maps with all the vechicle’s in custom games. Seems like most of the maps are too similar.

All the maps suck in multiplayer. All of them are only 2 areas either wide open nowhere to hide or super claustrophobic and no sight lines at all. This combined with the lack of weapon variety and broken radar is making this halo the worst one by far. I’d put it below cod at this point

There does need to be some more variation in maps, they are very similar in the overall scope and it would be smart to add some variation in locations and the landscapes designs. Bigger maps for CTF and vehicle gameplay would be great.