Muted in Matchmaking?!?!?

Every game I’ve played the entire lobby has been muted. All my settings say that I should be able to talk to anyone, yet there is nothing. They all have mute symbols above their heads. Help!!!

perhaps your live account doesn’t allow it. check your account settings.

Has it always been this way in Halo 4 for you?

Upon closer examination, it appears I’ve found myself in an XBOX Live Party and I’m the only one in it. I can’t figure out how to get out. When I go to the XBL Menu, it just says, Start Party. But down in the bottom right corner in the Halo 4 Interface, it shows me in a party of 1. Can’t figure out how to leave.

Thats just your lobby. It has nothing to do with the actual Xbox Live party system. Again, has it always been this way?

Yes, I just started War Games today. I notice that it actually says I’m in a Halo Party, but again, still can’t find the option to leave.

It sounds like a mute ban to me. And yeah, I have the exact same thing on my game, but I can chat with anyone I like in game.

You can speak and hear others on other games?

Have you tried manually un-muting them?

Can’t imagine why I’d have a mute ban at all given that I’ve just started playing today. I don’t have any other games, just Halo 4. It doesn’t give me the option to unmute the other players. Took a photo of what I’m seeing:

Exactly what I’ve been saying. That’s NOT the source of this problem. I’m guessing you just made this acct. Did you set it up as an adult acct? There are Xbox settings which can cause this. Hit the guide button, over to preferences, somewhere in that area there will be voice options. Check through that. If that isn’t helpful, try acct. management, look for restrictions. There is an option to disable voice chat completely.

No I’ve had this account for 8 years now. Really strange, never encountered this before. It is a new console, though. I’ll poke around and see if I forgot to authorize something when I moved the account over to the new system. Thanks for your help.

That is strange… Well, I tried! Good luck mate!

Found it! You were right! Under Privacy back on the home screen, I had “Voice and Text” turned to friends only. Since none of my friends were there, couldn’t talk or hear. Thanks again!