Mute doesn't work at all

There’s no auto-mute option and I can’t mute in-game either. Mute All seemingly doesn’t work at all, and individual mutes seem to do nothing because they go away the second they start talking. Unless there’s some weird changes to the mute system I don’t get, these functions are just broken, and it’s incredibly distracting (I’ve died multiple times in one match because of this) to go and mute everyone only to have it do nothing.

And before you start with the “people should use a mic, it’s good for strategy stuff” - I get it, I’ve heard it a hundred times before. Not all of us want to use voice chat and not all people using voice chat are strategists. Besides, if the option to mute people is there, it should work.

I’m able to mute people. The problem I’m having is when you pull up the score menu to mute someone the menu only stays up if I hold the button down. Makes it hard to filter through who is talking and trying to mute them.

I had someone today with some crazy background chatter and had no idea how to mute it easily. that kind of stuff annoys me to no extent, so an easy automute would be awesome.