Music - Radio Script

Hello. It has been nearly a year, or longer, since I last played Halo and recently I’ve delved back into it. I was scrolling through some of my old files and decided to poke around forge mode with one of my mildly-unfinished maps named, “Parasyte,” specicially V3 or version 3 given how many edits I made to it way back when. I hope for it to become the first in a series of maps, though I recognize it is extremely late to do so. (I do plan on, hopefully, converting it all into the next games as well, which will take time).

I’ve got most of the map good to go. Before I get into the problem I am having, a bit of story to set the stage for what I am trying to do…
Premise is the players, a unit of Marines I’ve dubbed “Bravo Squad,” return to their camp and find that everyone has been killed and the infection has overtaken the camp, which has also gone into lockdown. To lift the lockdown, a player must activate a switch in a small room beside the gate, which will start the timer of 90 seconds before the gate opens and allows players to move forward. (This is done because you CAN survive inside the camp, but it’s in the player’s best interest to move forward and towards the waiting pelicans across the narrow bridge).

In any case, I’ve done a few test plays and it have gotten some mild reviews, mostly suggesting changes to the actual gametype rather than the map, but I felt like the map was missing something. A bit more hidden backstory, if you will, given the reason the camp was put into lockdown, and there is a “functioning” barricade on the other side of the gate, along with a trio of loaded pelicans to outfit a small army, minus the heavy weaponry.

What I want to do is utilize the sounds from the Sound: Music [random; radio] object. Specifically those first few seconds where it’s nothing but static, and have been trying to put together a script so I can place it over a makeshift radio on the map that will play whenever a player gets near it, effectively “restarting it” whenever a player moves in/out of its radius.

Problem is, I can’t seem to get it right. I saw this on another map and have been trying to replicate it, however on the map in question, the object itself becomes visible when the player approaches the radio, and disappears when there is no spartan in its vicinity. (I’ve gone into forge mode to look for it, to no avail).