Music Like Spartan Assault.

I got Spartan Assault the other day, and I’ve been playing it, and I really love the Music in it. Is sounds like it fits well with Halo. It’s sounds like Halo Wars music, but something about it just feels right. Please more music like this.

It reminded me of Halo Wars as well.It did feel Haloish.

I agree. It matches the Halo universe nicely. I felt it made Halo Spartan Assault feel more alien and mysterious, just like the previous Halo games.

Along with a mix of music from Halo 4 and we have a damn good soundtrack (Solace is easily my favourite Halo song)

Yeah, a mix of Spartan Assault and some of Halo 4’s best ones thrown in. To Galaxy, Arrival, 117, some of those ones.

A new, but still genuinely “Halo sounding” soundtrack.

It had it’s classic and old remixed track feeling but Halo 4’s music felt more cinematic and i kind of like that more.