Music In Custom Games?

Hello Forumers, might I say that Halo 4 is a beautiful game and 343 did an amazing job, can’t wait until we’re not in a beta mode anymore. Moving on to the point of the thread, I think music in custom games has a lot of potential. Here are methods of utilizing music to its max potential.

  1. An option to enable or disable music.
  2. Various other options
  3. In all gametypes
  4. A variety of tracks to choose from
  5. Option to use music from XBOX Hard drive

Various other options may include,

  • Volume
  • Play numerous tracks in your choice of order or random
  • Repeat
  • Play one track, and once an enemy is in view, quickly change into another
  • Play one track, and once an objective is in view, quickly change into another
  • Change tracks for different teams (Flood, Surviors Blue, Red, etc.)
  • Change tracks for individual players, not specific to Gamertags
  • Objective properties (Last Man, bomb planted, Oddball timer)
  • Change music according to time
  • Change end game music
  • Special Pieces in Forge with musical properties (Explanation below)

Special Forge pieces, are radios, track zones, and track view zones. Radios are pretty self explanatory, activate the radio and depending on what music you set it to play. You can also change the radius of how far the music goes once activated, so if I activate the radio and leave the radius I set the music will fade away. Track zones are zones where the music changes once you are in that zone. Track view zones are activated when they are in view, if Forge pieces are in front of it it will not activate.

I think this could really be quite entertaining and add a whole new feeling to games. Unfortunately, I don’t think most of this can be added to Halo 4, so maybe in DLC or Halo 5. If you have an idea please post it below!