Music During Dawn and Composer?

The music that plays during the mission “Dawn”, and during part of “Composer,” I can’t seem to find it on the soundtrack. Anyone know what it’s called or if I’m just missing it?

The one for Composer is called Faithless. One of my favorites as well. The one for Dawn I still have yet to find, but you can find them on Youtube a lot.

Did you find it on Youtube? I don’t know what to search for, as everytime I use the words “halo” and “dawn” it always comes up with Forward Unto Dawn stuff.

Arrival, perhaps?

Nope, it’s not Arrival.

I also can’t find it on the OST, Maybe it is because it’s an Ambiance song?

I think I know what you’re talking about. There are some songs in the game that are not in the soundtrack, and I had this problem with a song that was on those missions.

Are you talking about the song that plays when Cortana releases Chief? Im searching for that one too, Ive been ripping my hair out searching for it all across Youtube DX

I think that “117” is the one you’re looking for

Is it Awakening?

Faithless and Ascendancy both have that driving drums if thats the one you’re referring to.

Oh, I believe you are talking about Storm at Dawn. Search it on YouTube, it’s possibly my favorite Halo 4 music.